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Are you looking for training facilities in Aarhus prior to the HEMPEL SAILING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 ?

Aarhus is hosting the 2018 HEMPEL Sailing World Championships 30th July to 12 August as well as the Test Event scheduled for 7th to 13th August 2017.

The co-host of the Hempel Sailing World Championships, Sailing Aarhus, is a sail event management organization formed by the six sailing clubs in Aarhus. The sailing clubs all offer excellent facilities for both training camps as well as storage of gear, coach RIBs, containers etc. All six sailing clubs have direct access to the Bay of Aarhus – the field of play of the 2018 Sailing World H.




Facilities in the Aarhus sailing clubs – overview 

 Egå Sailing Club   Aarhus Windsurf  
Aarhus Sailing  
Club  Bugten
Sailing Club
Aarhus International Sailing Center
Free access for competitors boats*  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes TBD
Free use of ramp Yes Yes  Beach  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to clubhouse Yes Yes Yes** Yes Yes Yes TBD
Bathroom & showers  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes TBD
Own coach boat per day (crane/ramp/mooring) 20 EUR  20 EUR  20 EUR  20 EUR  20 EUR  20 EUR  N/A
RIB rental per day*** 200 EUR 200 EUR 200 EUR 200 EUR 200 EUR 200 EUR N/A
Container 40′ at the harbor**** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Accommodation at the harbor


 Motorhome     No  No  No BB-hotel
Approx. distance to Aarhus city center 16 km 11 km 9 km 2 km 2 km 2 km 0 km

Free for a period up to 4 weeks

* Egå Marina: limited access during test event 2017
Aarhus Sailing Club and Bugten: limited access before main event 2018

** boxes (3mx1mx0.8m) rental 150 EUR / 3 months

*** based on rental more than 3 days (>4½ m – 50 HP) Insurance included.

**** EUR 400 / month, EUR 1700 / half year, EUR 3300 / year

Sailing Aarhus is also able to help MNA’s and individual sailors in finding adequate accommodation during your training stay in Aarhus. Sailing Aarhus has a permanent staffed office in the center of Aarhus and you are more than welcome to contact us by mail or phone – or even pay us a visit – and we hope that we will be able to make the stay of you and your sailors the best possible.

For your further planning

Please contact the Sailing Aarhus team:

Race Manager, Jens Villumsen –     + 45 21 42 19 79

Director, Thomas Capitani –  +45 20 40 84 42