Not only does Harboe Brewery deliver beverages to the entire Danish population and the Royal Danish Court, the company has a long tradition of being among the front runners in the European brewery sector as well.

The cornerstone of Harboe’s strategy is innovation. It is their ambition to spearhead product innovation and process technology. This is achieved through continuous investments in and modernisation of the breweries as well as intensive research and development.

Harboe has donated the trophy for the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy and sponsors the exclusive BBQ party for the sailors at Marselisborg Yacht Club after the openening ceremony at Aarhus City Hall.

Learn more about Harboe Brewery online: Harboe.com


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Zederkof A/S was founded in 1999 and is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of Contract Furniture for cafés, restaurants and events. The selection is wide and always adapted to the customers’ needs.

If you are sitting in a public place reading these lines, chances are that you are surrounded by their products and excellent taste for exclusive, eye-catching and comfortable design and decoration. In fact, Zederkof is everywhere; whether you attend this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, dine at any café or restaurant in Scandinavia or visit exhibitions and masses of practically any kind. For more than a decade this has been a fact – the only difference is now you know!

Zederkof is furnishing and decorating the entire interieur for the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy BBQ party.

Be inspired by Zederkof online: Zederkof


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A giant within the field of Danish furniture design. An eye for the simple and a nose for the functional is the essence of Paustian’s work, from its inception in 1964 to the house as we know it today. Paustian is situated in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, and should you ever find yourself in one of these cities, be sure to pay them a visit if you are interested in exclusive furniture from some of the most world famous Danish designers.

Paustian is one of the main sponsors of the 2014 edition of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy and is hosting the prize giving dinner that rounds off the race.

Furnish your home with Danish design from Paustian online: Paustian.com



A mission and a bike. This is how it all began for one of the most successful Danish clothing brands; Kaufmann. The man on the bike was Axel Kaufmann, the bike was a Harley and the mission was to offer exclusive quality clothing for men. He succeeded, and since 1908 the Danish brand has steadily and successfully become synonymous with style and fashion reaching far beyond Danish borders.

Kaufmann is found on the list of sponsors for the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy as the Danish fashion brand has donated blazers especially made for the tournament.

Dress up fashionably with Kaufmann online: Kaufmann



Probably the best cup of coffee to match a freshly made croissant from Lagkagehuset is the a Nespresso Grand Cru – thus that is what we will serve the Prins Henrik Silver Trophy participants! Nespresso is widely known for its exclusivity and fine quality. Nespresso has 22 different Grands Crus in their permanent coffee range and neither taste nor experience is compromised one single time. The only risk you take after tasting a cup of Nespresso coffee is that you will find yourself not settling for anything less after that.

Nespresso is sponsor of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy 2014 and will be giving the invited guests the best start of the day. George Clooney could not find room in his schedule to come serve the coffee but we promise the best cup of the day will taste just as blissfully as a Nespresso cup of coffee always does.

Find your favourite Nespresso Grand Cru online: Nespresso.com



An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And when delivered by the Danish fruit company Aarstiderne rest assured that you are setting your teeth in the best piece of fruit Denmark has to offer. All Aarstiderne’s fruits are organic and handpicked of course, and since 1999 Aarstiderne has with increasing succes delivered fruit to the doorstep of more than 45,000 Danish and Swedish homes.

Aarstiderne is sponsor of fruit for the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy in Aarhus – because only the best apple is good enough for our guests!

Learn more about Aarstiderne online and have your fruit delivered to your doorstep: Aarstiderne.com


Tunø Festival             

How did a festival belonging to a small Danish island get on the sponsor list? Well, the answer is quite simple, really. His Royal Heighness Prince Henrik of Denmark is this year’s protector of Tunø Festivalen, and when they heard he was visiting, they wanted to treat their protector and his guests the finest way they knew how; Tunø potatoes! If you are one of the lucky ones to attend the BBQ party during the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy, prepare yourself for a feast. The only potato luckier than you will be the one on your plate.

Tunø Festivalen sponsors its finest potatoes for the BBQ dinner held at Sunday night at Marselisborg Yacht Club at this year’s Prince Henrik Silver Trophy.

Visit Tunø Festivalen online: Tunø Festival



Treat yourself with Danish bread and pastry when it’s best. Elegant and tasty is the only way Lagkagehuset knows how to make their products. When it comes to quality no compromises are made as only the finest ingredients are lucky enough to serve their purpose by ending up in Lagkagehuset’s delicious goods. Lagkagehuset specialises in everything from fresh bread and delicious cakes to inventful salads and luxurious sandwiches.
The sailors participating in this year’s edition of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy are in for a treat and the perfect way to start a day on the waters surrounding Marselisborg, as Lagkagehuset most generously has volunteered to sponsor their luxurious bread and delicious croissants during the race.

Visit Lagkagehuset online and let your mouth water: Lagkagehuset



Key West is a Danish clothing brand established in 1995 in Copenhagen. The company sells and promotes quality clothing with great success in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The design is Scandinavian with a maritime twist, and the clothing is sporty, casual and functional – in other words; ideal for sailing.

Key West is sponsor of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy 2014 as the quality clothing company has made sure that all the volunteers will be properly dressed during the event.

Visit Key West online and be inspired by the Scandinavian quality brand: Key West 


No royal tournament without the participation of the Royal Danish Yachting Club, KDY, and this years’ edition of the Prince Henrik Silver Trouphy is certainly no exception. KDY was founded in 1866 and counts more than 2,000 members at the time of writing among which several members of the Danish Royal Family are found also.

Naturally, the Prince and the Crown Prince are members of KDY as well, and it goes without saying that the Silver Trophy Tournament has KDY’s full support.

Visit KDY online: KDY



Naturally, Sport Aarhus Events are found on the sponsor list for the 2014 edition of Prince Henrik Silver Trophy in Aarhus as it is their aim to attract major national and international sports events to the city of Aarhus. Sport Aarhus Events are a specialist service, functioning as the local connecting link between the event maker and the city of Aarhus, and the Silver Trophy Tournament is a perfect example hereof.

Visit Sport Aarhus Events online and see what other exciting sport events are in the making in Aarhus: Sport Aarhus Events



Think of Aarhus as a major city crammed into a mega village. Being a university city, Aarhus is the youngest in Denmark measured by average age, but historically one of the oldest. Thus, the atmosphere is a vibrant mix of youthful energy and blasts from the past.

In Aarhus, you will find knowledge in clusters of highly specialized businesses, research and educational facilities driven by a desire to collaborate and innovate.

Aarhus City enjoys the company of the Danish Royal Family every year when they summer at Marselisborg. This year the pleasure is twofold as Aarhus City is thrilled to welcome the Crown Prince and the guests of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy 2014 at an opening ceremony at Aarhus City Hall.

Learn more about the world’s smallest big city online: City of Aarhus