Regatta Information

While waiting for the NOR, these are the guidelines for the sailing format for the 2014 Prince Henriks Silver Cup in Aarhus:

1. Course: Box course, one round. Upwind start, reach finish. 30 minutes.

2. 9 boats + 1 substitute boat. 6 boats in one start, 3 boats for crew exchange. Owner, or owner´s representative takes care of own boat before and under race series.

3. No spinnakers in more than 12 knots at jury´s discretion.

4. 2 first days round robins 10-16 am, last day Bronze Final (best of 3) and Gold Final (best of 5).

5. 2 umpire boats with each 2 umpires, 2 fast mark / crew exchange boats, committee boat (motor yacht) and spectator/crew rest boat (motor yacht).

6. Volonteer officials and helpers.
7. Insurance, solidaric within each team paying the deductible for owner´s Insurance.