2nd Day of Race: England and Denmark ready for the Finals in this Year’s Prince Henrik Silver Trophy

2nd Day of Race: England and Denmark ready for the Finals in this Year's Prince Henrik Silver Trophy

The second day of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy race was governed by changing winds and challenging race conditions.

Due to weak wind the Dragon sailors were grounded until noon whereafter they ventured out on the waters of Aarhus Bay for what turned out to be an action packed race day with quite some waiting time inbetween the matches.

The Danish team who took the lead of the race on the first day was eager to stay ahead even though previous races have shown that nothing is definite before the last match is over. Thus, aggresive sailing and strategic cunning was a necesity to keep the competing teams from England, France and Hong Kong from gaining the upper hand.

Brisk winds picked up during the afternoon causing challenging conditions for the sailors who, despite a number of collissions and torn sails, managed to carry out a total of five matches during the 2nd day of race and additional squalls made the conditions even harder for the Dragon sailors.

During the day the Danish team managed to take home enough points to keep the lead, and even though the conquering teams fought fiercely the Danish Dragon sailors could await the last match of the day knowing that their place in the finals was secured.

The final match in the 2nd day of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy was between Denmark and England who had also managed to keep their ranking intact. However, due to the squalls, judge Christian Lerche called off the last match of the day, as the contestants for the gold final had already been identified, namely Denmark and England.

Thus, it appears that the Danish team gets the opportunity to settle the score against the British who have won the prestigious title for the past three years leaving the Danish team hungry for victory.

In conclusion, France and Hong Kong will be battling for bronze on the third and final day of race tomorrow. The team who wins the majority of the three matches takes third place.

The winner of this year’s Prince Henrik Silver Trophy will be found when England and Denmark head out on the water afterwords for a five match duel, in which the team with most wins can take home the Silver Trophy.

Follow the exciting third and final day of race here on the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy site or even better yet; come down to Marselisborg Yacht Club and watch the Dragon sailors in action as they give their all to win the much wanted Trophy.





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