The Danish Team takes the lead after the First Day of Race

The Danish Team takes the lead after the First Day of Race

The Prince Henrik Silver Trophy has begun and the Dragon sailors have been battling fiercely on the waters of Aarhus Bay today.

And the Bay of Aarhus loves Dragon race of the royal kind. Light breeze, sunny weather and clear waters gave the sailors excellent conditions and the 1st Race Day became one ruled by tactics and maneouvering skills.

The 1st Race Day offered 7 matches between differing teams from the four countries – two countries racing against each other at a time.

Due to weak winds during the first part of the day the teams were severely challenged and had trouble crossing the finishing line. As a result, only two out of six Dragon boats in the 1st match (one from Hong Kong and one from France with Hong Kong in front) managed to cross the finishing line leaving the four other Dragon boats with a cero score and Hong Kong as the winner of the first match.

Just before the second match all of a sudden the wind changed 180 degrees causing the course of the lanes on the water to change direction. This, however, gave way to more wind as well, and the Danish team battling against the winner of the first match, Hong Kong, gained the upper hand and came out as the winner of the second match.

In the third match the Danish Team was looking to settle the score against the excellent sailors from RYS (the English team) who has beaten the Danish Dragon sailors for the past three years. However, the dynamic Danish team, with the Crown Prince in their midst, showed skills, extraordinary team work and prowess and stole the point from the Englishmen in the third match.

RYS, however, gained two points in the consecutive four matches whereas France and Denmark each gained one, which leaves the total score after the 1st Day of the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy as follows:



Thus, Denmark takes the lead followed by the English Team while the team from Hong Kong and the French share third place with 1 point. However, the race is still wide open as the teams have two more days to go before the Silver Trophy finds its rightful owner.

All in all the 1st Day of the Race was a true race of Dragons. Strategy, team work and skillful sailing abilities remain the key words for the day, and with the race still wide open the expectations for tomorrow’s race are flying high among the Dragons and their fierce sailors from  the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Squadron, Le Cercle de la Voile d’Arcachon and the Royal Danish Yacht Club.

The Danish press has been eager to follow the event, and no less than two reports were brought by the local television when the first day of Race was done. Watch the reports on Tv2 Østjylland here which features an interview with the Crown Prince, co-founder of the Silver Trophy andand Dragon sailor from Hong Kong Mr. Lowell Chang and Mark Flindt, an experienced Dragon Sailor from the Danish team who tought the Crown Prince to master the Dragon arts:

Kronprins på bugten

Kronprinsen i fuld fart

Stay tuned for the results of tomorrow’s 2nd Race Day and see if the Danish Team manages to maintain first position and fight off the conquering Dragons breathing down their necks.


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