Cottages at Kaløvig Sailing Center

Hostel style cottages at the Kaløvig Sailing Center

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The cottages at Kaløvig Sailing Center are a great alternative to camping, and situated only 15 km north of the Aarhus  Harbour venue and on venue for the competitors sailing at Kaløvig.

Each cottage has 4 rooms with 2 bunks in every room, which gives a total sleeping capacity of 8 people in one cottage. All cottages share a small living room with TV, sofa, free WI-FI and two well-maintained bathrooms, both with shower. There is no kitchen in the cottages.


The price for each room (with two beds) is € 80 per night, including linen, towel kit and cleaning. If you wish to use the room as a single room, the price is €60 per night.

Minimum rental period is 7 nights, but you can book additional days before and after the events.

The cottages are few and guests will be served at a ”first come, first served” basis. Reservations must be confirmed by full payment of the rental fee before 15th of May 2014.

Please contact us at for further information and booking.


Kaløvig Sailing Center Venue

Åstrup Strandvej 68A

8541 Skødstrup