Day 7 – The Fleets Catch Up before the Race for Medals begins

Day 7 -  The Fleets Catch Up before the Race for Medals begins

Today’s final series racing began at 12 o’clock – a little earlier than the previous days.

The Radial Men had some catching up to do from yesterday’s frustrating attempts at racing that ended in vain.

Thus – in spite of half an hour’s postponement due to changing wind – the radial men managed to finish three races before coming ashore. Also the Radial Women’s Silver Fleet caught up with yesterday’s lost race and is now ajour with the rest of the fleets.

The weather conditions for today’s racing were more or less perfect for sailing. With winds of 14 – 16 knots and gusts to a maximum of 20, some exciting racing was expected. The expectations were met!

Aside from a couple of general recalls and a few black flags the Radial Men displayed fierce competition without too many early starts or disqualifying behaviour.
However, despite the sailors’ attempt to alter rankings in the top, changes only happened from 3rd place and downwards.

Marcin Rudawski (151) thus maintains 1st place after today’s three races and Zan Luka Zelko (306) from Slovakia who has raced extremely well throughout the whole championship takes 2nd place. And, judging from the total score, he seems to be the competitor most likely to steal 1st place from Marcin if any stands a chance at this point in the championship. Tomorrow’s last three races for the Radial Men will tell.

zelko1st place in the Radial Men Europeans under 21 is Danish Patrick Döpping (321) who is ranked 4th in the Radial Men Europeans. He is immediately followed by American Henry Marshall (178) and Yaşar Doğa Arıbaş (172) from Tyrkey who are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the Radial Men Europeans under 21 and 5th and 6th in Radial Men European Championship.

The Radial Women Gold Fleet also fought fiercely today to advance in the total rankings before tomorrow’s last day of racing.

Alicia Cebrian Martinez de Lagos (88) from Spain was, however, superior again today and with a 2nd and a 5th place in today’s third and fourth race in the final series she is truly a worthy candidate for the gold medal as she has finished among the top ten in all races (except one) and within top five in the majority of races through this entire championship.

Finnish Tuula Tenkanen (21) finished 1st and 12th in today’s racing and has been consistent throughout the championship as well. Luckily for Tuula today’s racing gave way for a second discard and thus deleted yesterday’s unfortunate last race where she finished 23rd. Tuula Tenkanen ranks 2nd after today’s racing immediately followed by yesterday’s 2nd place beholder Belarusian Tatiana Drozdovskaya who is now in 3rd place.

tuulaIn the Laser Standard gold fleet the second discard also played a significant role in the top as well. German Philipp Buhl (211) surpassed Rutger Van Schaardenburg (251) and thus takes 1st place before tomorrow’s final racing.

Croatian Tonci Stipanovic (188) had an excellent day today and finished 4th and 1st in today’s racings which landed him 3rd place in total.

With Philipp in 1st place, Rutger in 2nd and Tonci in 3rd, Nicholas Heiner (248) is relegated to 4th place after today’s racing and thus has everything to gain in tomorrow’s final racing.

rutger_1Will Nicholas Heiner manage to win the Dutch Laser Standard seat for the Olympics in Rio from Rutger and will defending European Champion from last year, Tonci Stipanovic reclaim the gold medal in this year’s European Championship?

Tomorrow will tell….

See today’s overall results here:

Laser Radial Women Top Three
1. Alicia Cebran Martinez De Lagos (ESP)
2. Tuula Tenkanen (FIN)
3. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR)

See all preliminary results for Laser Radial Women here.

Laser Radial Men Top Three
1. Marcin Rudawski (POL)
2. Zan Luka Zelko (SLO)
3. Matthias Van de Loock (BEL)

See all preliminary results for Laser Radial Men here.

Laser Standard Top Three
1. Philipp Buhl (GER)
2. Rutger Van Schaardenburg (NED)
3. Tonci Stipanovic (CRO)

See all preliminary results for Laser Standard here.

Tomorrow’s final races are scheduled as followed:

10.00 am: Radial Men (3 races)
11.00 am: GOLD – Standard+Radial (2 races)
ASAP         SILVER – Standard+Radial (2 races)

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