First Day of Racing in the Final Series

First Day of Racing in the Final Series

The final series in the Laser and Laser Radial European Championships 2015 have begun and the race for medals has set in.

After yesterday’s racing the Laser Standard and the Laser Radial Women fleets were split into gold and silver while the Laser Radial Men maintained their one fleet.

The first race in the final series was scheduled for 1pm and when the sailors took to the water a light south-western breeze was blowing with a speed of 6 – 10 knots. Quite different from yesterday’s top 25 knots top speed.

The wind, however, kept changing directions making it hard for the fleets to get a clean start. The Radial Women were the first ones off while the Radial Men’s fleet suffered from general recalls due to unstable wind and competitive behaviour resulting in six black flags. After three failed attempts the Radial Men came ashore around 7.30pm having had a very long day and nothing to show for it.

Sadly for the six sailors who were black flagged today that also rules them out of tomorrow’s first race as their penalty of not being allowed to finish the race has not yet been executed.

Today’s Radial Men’s ranking thus stays the same as yesterday and Marcin Rudawski from Croatia is ranked 1st. Danish Radial sailor Patrick Döpping had a brilliant day yesterday and finished 1st in both qualifying races ranking him 6th in total. With a bit of luck he might be able to meddle in the top three ranking before the championship is done.

dopping_day_5After the Radial Women finished their first race the wind suddenly dropped drastically leaving absolutely no possibility of racing at all. After two hours of waiting for the wind to pick up and a general recall the gold fleet managed to finish 2nd race while silver fleet was forced to give up the 2nd race.

Alicia Cebran Martinez De Lagos (88) had a reasonable day on the water and finished 6th and 14th enabling her to maintain 1st place in the total ranking. The light wind became Tatiana Drozdovskaya (2) from Belaruz, as she raced herself to a 2nd place in the total ranking finishing 3rd and 5th in today’s final racing.

tatianaOn the Laser Standard course both gold and silver fleet were challenged with lacking wind as well. Both fleets, however, managed to finish two racings and – as in all the previous racings – competition was fierce.

The Dutch thriller serial between Rutger Van Schaardenburg (251) and Nicholas Heiner (248) reached a climax today as Nicholas had somewhat of an off day compared to his previous accomplishments at this year’s European Championship.

Racing 6th and 27th Nicholas was sent to a 3rd place in today’s total rankings and was surpassed by German Philipp Buhl (211) who on the other hand kept racing consistently and achieving great results. Today Buhl finished 5th and 1st earning him 2nd place in the total rankings only surpassed by one, namely Heiner’s archrival; Rutger Van Schaardenburg.

philipp buhlRutger displayed flawless racing today and came in 1st and 2nd which puts him back in the lead and leaves Nicholas Heiner as the pursuer of the Olympic seat before the second day of the final series.

The Dutch battle for the seat at the Olympics is beginning to leave frayed nerves ashore on the venue in Kaløvig where the Dutch media is arriving in numbers these days to cover all aspects of the drama.

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

germany_and_hollandSee today’s overall results here:

Laser Radial Women Top Three
1. Alicia Cebran Martinez De Lagos (ESP)
2. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR)
3. Tuula Tenkanen (FIN)

See all preliminary results for Laser Radial Women here.

Laser Radial Men Top Three
1. Marcin Rudawski (POL)
2. Zan Luka Zelko (SLO)
3. Yaşar Doğa Arıbaş (TUR)

See all preliminary results for Laser Radial Men here.

Laser Standard Top Three
1. Rutger Van Schaardenburg (NED)
2. Philipp Buhl (GER)
3. Nicholas Heiner (NED)

See all preliminary results for Laser Standard here.

Tomorrow the gold and silver fleets will continue racing in the final series. The Laser Radial Men have some catching up to do and are thus scheduled to race at noon while the rest of the fleets are scheduled for 1pm.

Stay tuned!

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