Day Four – Sailors challenged by Changing Weather and Shifting Winds

Day Four -  Sailors challenged by Changing Weather and Shifting Winds

Day four in the Laser and Laser Radial Europeans was governed by shifting winds of up to 90 degrees during the day caused by the changing weather. The wind, however, maintained a relatively constant force of eight to ten knots throughout the day.

Due to the drastically shifting wind the sailors were thus greatly challenged on both the Laser Standard and the Laser Radial Course. Several times the fleets were subject to general recalls and while the Radials managed to make a first race after half an hour wait it took the Laser Standards almost an hour to get started.

In the Radial Men’s fleet, Polish Marcin Rudawski had a very good day yesterday with a 2nd and a 1st place in the first two qualifying races. Thus, pressure was on him from the beginning of day four to keep his rivals at bay.

He did so with flying colours taking home a 3rd and a 1st place and with the allowance of excluding one race Marcin Rudawski thus maintains the lead in the Radial Men’s fleet with an eight point lead down to second place.

151_polIn the Laser Standard Fleet the incipient thriller serial of which Dutchman gets to land the seat in next year’s Olympics in Rio continues.

Yesterday Rutger Schaardenburg took the lead over persecutor Nicholas Heiner. Today the tables turned. With a 9th and a 16th place Rutger was surpassed by his fellow countryman Nicholas Heiner who raced 11th and 3rd in today’s qualifying races. The game, however, is still wide open and the Dutch thriller serial will no doubt continue tomorrow!

Nicholas is chased by German Tobias Schadewaldt who is only down by 1 point before he can take the lead in the Laser Standard Fleet. Today Tobias raced 1st and 5th which lands him a well-deserved 2nd place in total.


In the Radial Women’s Fleet today’s two qualifying races did not entail any great changes in the top. Danish Sarah Gunni still holds 1st place and Spanish Alicia Cebrian Martinez De Lagos is still breathing down her neck from her 2nd place.

Had the Laser Radial Women not been entitled one exclusion after the fourth race things would have looked somewhat different in the top as both Sarah and Alicia had a really bad second race today respectively finishing 18 and 26.

Third place was conquered by German Svenja Weger who had two very fine races today finishing 5th and 1st. She is definitely an oponent that both Sarah, Alicia and the rest of the women’s fleet ought to keep a lookout for when making calculations of how to land 1st place when the final race ends in four days.

See today’s results here:

Laser Radial Women Top Three
1. Sarah Gunni Toftedal (DEN)
2. Alicia Cebran Martinez De Lagos (ESP)
3. Svenja Wegner (GER)

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Laser Radial Men Top Three
1. Marcin Rudawski (POL)
2. Matthias Van De Loock (BEL)
3. Yaşar Doğa Arıbaş (TUR)

See all preliminary results for Laser Radial Men here.

Laser Standard Top Three
1. Nicholas Heiner (NED)
2. Tobias Schadewaldt (GER)
3. Philipp Buhl (GER)

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Tomorrow’s two qualifying races are scheduled to begin at 1pm.

Stay tuned!

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