Strong Wind grounds Gold Fleet while Silver Fleet takes home two races on day 5

Strong Wind grounds Gold Fleet while Silver Fleet takes home two races on day 5

Yesterday’s gruesome weather kept the Silver Fleet sailors grounded for the entire day while Gold Fleet were lucky enough to land three races.

Today the weather had calmed somewhat down from morning. However, forecasts predicted wind of up to 25 knots and gusts as high as 35 knots as the day progressed so the first to hit the water today was the Silver Fleet.

Silver Fleet Races Completed

Having been deprived of racing on day four the sailors were ready for action and the two races were accomplished without any major damages on boats or crew.

The Swedish team Svensson/Rosengren had a brilliant day finishing 1 and 3. As did the Danish team Thomsen/Faarvang who finished 2 and 7.

The Australian team Darmanin/Copeland finished 3 and 6 and the New Zealand team Mackay/Wilkinson finished 4 and 1 while the American Mendelblatt couple did not compete in today’s races.

Here is today’s Silver Fleet top ten after two races:

1. Svensson/Rosengren (SWE)
2. Mackay/Wilkinson (NZL)
3. Darmanin/Copeland (AUS)
4. Semenov/Shchetinkina (RUS)
5. Mirsky/Mirsky (BRA)
6. Thomsen/Faarvang (DEN)
7. Martinsen/Mortensen (NOR)
8. Demesmaeker/Emsvang (DEN)
9. Bulhaues/Nicolino (BRA)
10. Mota/Azabuya (BRA)

Gold Fleet Races Cancelled

Having completed their two races Silver Fleet came ashore while Gold Fleet took to the water in the hopes of completing the scheduled two races.

After one hour with no starting signals the races were called off and the flag signals AP over H were hoisted for both fleets.

At 17.15 the flags AP over A were hoisted calling off any more races for the remains of the day.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Nacra 17 World Championship in Kaløvig and while rain appears to be replaced by sun the wind is still threatening to challenge the sailors to the very end.

Gold Fleet – except for top 10 – is scheduled to sail one race, Silver Fleet the same and Gold Fleet’s top ten will comprise the Medal Race teams who will compete for medals in this 2015 edition of Nacra 17 World Championship.

The teams competing in tomorrow’s Medal Race are following:

1. Besson/Riou (FRA)
2. Waterhouse/Darmanin (AUS)
3. Kohlhoff/Werner (GER)
4. Mulder/De Koning (NED)
5. Jones/Saunders (NZL)
6. Velden/Visser (ARU)
7. Bissro/Sicouri (ITA)
8. Nørregaard/Viborg (DEN)
9. Gimson/Diamond (GBR)
10. Matinez/Casanova (ESP)

To see the ranking of Gold and Silver Fleet click here.

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