Nacra 17 Worlds Morning Update Day 4

Nacra 17 Worlds Morning Update Day 4

Welcome to the first day of Gold and Silver fleet racing at the Nacra 17 World Championship 2015.

Wind speed at average20 knots from southwest. We’re expecting some small rain clouds during the afternoon which can result in gusts at over 25-30 knots.

The wind situation today requires the sailors and crew to take extra care of each other. The volunteers are also aware of this and will do everything possible to make the races safe.

Racing Schedule for Wednesday 8 July 2015

Three races are scheduled for all fleets. The Nacra 17 gold fleet is scheduled to start at 1100 hours followed by the silver fleet at 1400 hours.


1.       Besson/Riou (FRA)
2.       Gimson/Diamond (GBR)
3.       Nørregaard/Viborg (DEN)
4.       Bissaro/Sicouri (ITA)
5.       Waterhouse/Darmanin (AUS)
6.       McNicol/Whitty (AUS)
7.       Kohlhoff/Werner (GER)
8.       Buhler/Brugger (SUI)
9.       Saxton/Groves (GBR)
10.     Jones/Saunders (NZL)

See the entire gold and silver fleet here.

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