Windy first qualification race day for the 2015 Nacra17 Worlds

Windy first qualification race day for the 2015 Nacra17 Worlds

In stark contrast to yesterday’s calm and sunny weather which kept the sailors grounded for the entire day, today’s weather threatened the sailors with another day on land, however, for entirely different reasons. With a wind speed of up to 30 knots and wind gusts even higher a radical change of weather introduced the beginning of this week.

The wind slowly calmed and afternoon was two hours old before the sailors could set sails for the first qualification races in this year’s Nacra17 Worlds. However, the capricious Danish weather should turn out to offer abundances of wind and challenging situations for both the blue and yellow Nacra17 fleets that sailed two races each.

Yellow fleet highlights
The first fleet in today’s qualification race – the yellow fleet – was challenged by capsize incidents, collisions and dramatic situations due to the strong wind gusts, however, many of the favourite medallists managed to keep the skin on their noses and finish their first two races with flying colours.

The French super duo, Billy Besson and Marie Riou, defending world champions, had a brilliant beginning ending 1 and 2 in the first two races and finished first place for the blue fleet. The Danish Rio 2016 favourites, winners of the 2015 Celta Lloyd Regatta, Allan Nørregaard and his crew Anette Viborg, managed to steal fourth place with a 6th and a 4th place.

3rd place was conquered by the excellent New Zealand team, Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders which must be considered as quite an accomplishment taken in to consideration that the helm Gemma Jones until recently has been out with an injury.

Blue fleet highlights
The second fleet of the day, blue fleet, was faced with more or less the same challenges as the yellow fleet challenged by broken masts, a collision and several capsizes.

The Italian team, Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri, who ended up 4th at this year’s World Cup in Hyeres, excelled in today’s qualification races. With a 1st and a 2nd place in the two races, they conquered 1st place in the yellow fleet and an overall 2nd place.

Also the Swiss team, Matias Buhler and Nathalie Brugger had a flying start ending up 2nd and 3rd which earning them 3rd place in total.

Overall top ten
Overall, today’s first two qualification races for both fleets reveal following top ten:

1. Billy Besson and Marie Riou (FRA)
2. Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri (ITA)
3. Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin (AUS)
4. Matias Buhler and Nathalie Brugger (SUI)
5. Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders (NZL)
6. Mandy Mulder and Coen De Koning (NED)
7. Allan Nørregaard and Anette Viborg (DEN)
8. Ben Saxton and Nicola Groves (GBR)
9. Darren Bundock and Nina Curtis (AUS)
10. Lorenzo Bressani and Giovanna Micol (ITA)

See the full preliminary result list here.

Qualification race in this year’s Nacra 17 Worlds continues tomorrow.

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