The Wessel & Vett Cup

Marselisborg Yacht Club and Sailing Aarhus are hosting the Wessel & Vett Cup this summer in Marselisborg Harbor from the August 30th to September 2nd 2018.

The historic and beautiful 12mR boats will be participating in a three-day race, inviting spectators to an unforgettable experience on the bay of Aarhus.

We estimate that about 10-15 boats from both Denmark, Germany, Norway and Finland will participate in the Wessel & Vett Cup, each with a crew of about 14-17 sailors. We estimate that about 4-5 boats are Danish.

Marselisborg harbor is very close to Aarhus Harbor, the city center and the new port area in Aarhus with Aarhus Ø and Dokk1 as center for many local visitors and tourists. Together with the fact that Wessel & Vett Cup takes place in Aarhus Festival we arrange a “Sail By” on Saturday, for the 12mR boats to sail through the new harbor area to showcase the boats and invite people to see the race in Marselisborg Harbor.