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Getting to Aarhus in Denmark is easy. Denmark is a peninsula (Jutland) and a number of easy accessile islands situated in the Northern Europe, which means you can go by car or train from any of the North European or Scandinavian countries. The E45 motorway brings you directly to Aarhus from Hamburg in Germany. If you are arriving from Sweden or Norway, ferries bring you to Jutland and you will have a maximum of 100 km driving from leaving the ferry until you arrive to Aarhus.








Arriving by Car
Denmark has an efficient road network allowing easy driving access to the city of Aarhus. From Hamburg in Germany it is only a 3-hour drive and Danish and German motorways are toll free. The highhway marked with yellow lines on the map above, passing through Aarhus, is the E45. It takes you directly to Aarhus with the Marselisborg Marina situated on the southern part of the Aarhus Industrial Harbour.

Arriving by Plane
Flights from any parto of the world bring you to two airports close to Aarhus. Arriving at Copenhagen airport you have the choice of transferring to Aarhus Airport or Billund Airport (next to Legoland). You may also choose to go by fast train, or rent a car. Billund and Aarhus Airport are running a shuttle bus service directly to Aarhus.

Aarhus Airport (AAR)
Situated less than a 40 minutes drive north east of Aarhus, Aarhus Airport has 8 daily flights to and from Copenhagen Airport. This route is operated by SAS and takes 30 minutes. Four airlines are operating from Aarhus Airport: SAS, British Airways, Finnair and Ryanair the last one offering low price fares to London and other European cities. For more information see also

Copenhagen Airport(CPH)
With 65 airlines operating from Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s biggest with a numerous of international and intercontinental connexions. For more information se

Billund Airport (BLL)
Billund Airport is the second largest airport in Denmark with direct international services from 26 major destinations in Europe. Billund is one hour drive from Århus and offers daily flights from a number of European airports. For more information see

Public shuttle transport from Aarhus and Billund Airport
From Billund Airport and Aarhus Airport there are public airport bus services for the on-going transfer of passengers to Århus. There are 10 daily bus departures from Billund Airport, and 11 from Aarhus Airport.

Transportation in Aarhus
Aarhus has an extended public transportation network wich for just about DKK 20 brings you everywhere.

Furthermore, the city offers a public bike service with more than 400 bikes availabel for your use free of charge 24 hours a day – all you have to do is to insert a DKK 20 coin in the slot, just like at the supermarket, and the bike is “yours” just until you release the lock at any city bike stand in the town – and yes, you’ll even get your money back!!

One of Århus’ 400 free city bikes.