Sailing Area

The Bay of Aarhus was shaped and sculpted by the last ice age. It is a typical glacial moraine landscape with hills and valleys, and the shoreline bears clear evidence of just how far the ice stretched in its progress toward the east. In some places the terrain rises to little more than molehill height, while in other areas 20 to 30 metre high cliffs tower over the water.

The depth of water varies between 10 and 40 metres – including the depth of the commercial channel. The layout of the bay makes it a very safe place to sail. Regardless of wind direction and wind force the Bay of Aarhus will always protect you from the most extreme weather conditions. The safe waters and the unique location near Denmark’s second largest city make the Bay of Aarhus a truly vital area for sailing and simply a spectacular recreational area.

You will come across many coves and bays perfect for day trips, and the bay is almost completely lined with white sandy beaches. In the summertime people flock to the beaches and can enjoy any or all of the activities even remotely connected to water. The quality of the water itself is tested regularly, and is of the highest standard in Europe.

Race Courses
The race courses will be NE to E of the Aarhus Yachting Harbour, very quick to reach and visiable from the harbour. Please refer to the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions for the exact location of the race courses.

Current statistics
You can download a short report on the current conditions in the Bay of Aarhus here.

The bay of Aarhus with the Port of Aarhus mid-left. The race area is NE-E of the port.